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Three ways to get your Subaru ready for spring

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Spring is right around the corner and we're ready to help you get your Subaru in tip-top shape for the upcoming season.

  1. Get your tires changed over: if you live in Connecticut you're no stranger to snow, which means you probably had winter tires put on for better grip. Now that it's getting warmer, it's time for the all-seasons again. Having the proper tires for the right season gives you better fuel ratings, reduces road noise, and they they perform better at higher temperatures. It's also not a bad idea to consider getting new wiper…
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Come see why so many Danbury, CT drivers trust Dan Perkins Subaru with all their Subaru sales and maintenance needs!

If you're shopping for your next car or reliable service and maintenance near Danbury, CT these days, you know there are plenty of places to choose from. However, if you're looking for the best in Subaru sales and service near Danbury, CT, you need look no further than Dan Perkins Subaru. At our dealership, we pride ourselves on being a premier resource for Subaru sales and repairs to drivers all over Danbury, CT. 


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How to know if your Subaru needs a wheel alignment


Have you noticed that your vehicle doesn't travel in a straight line when the wheel is centered? Do you have to make little steering adjustments to keep your car in the center of a lane? Your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment. It's a common maintenance task that can easily be performed at our Certified Subaru Service Center.


We have the specialized diagnostic tool, factory-trained technicians, and genuine Subaru parts to ensure your Subaru always leaves our shop running just like a Subaru. We offer a variety of tire services, including wear and tear inspection, replacement…

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Why it's time for Milford, CT area drivers to switch to winter tires

Admit it -- it's getting cold here in Milford, CT. Acknowledgement is the first step toward accepting the fact that it's finally time to change over your summer tires to winter tires. No, winter tires aren't a gimmick to get you to spend more money on maintenance. All-season tires genuinely do not perform well in all seasons here in Connecticut, where we see heavy snowfall, sub-zero temperatures, and icy conditions.


Only winter tires are designed to excel at temperatures below 45 degrees. Their unique tread compounds and tread depths are able to help your car maintain traction in…

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Top 10 tips for Subaru winter car care in Milford

Dan Perkins Subaru helps Milford, CT prepare for winter with these 10 tips for cold-weather car care. Check out our recommendations below:

  1. It may sound like common sense, but replace worn tires. Low tread can really ruin your morning commute when you lose traction on a slippery road.
  2. Is your vehicle's stopping power not what it used to be? Have the brakes checked sooner rather than later.
  3. Pack an emergency kit for both you and your car, like flares, a spare tire, blankets, food, and extra batteries.
  4. Have one of our professional technicians flush the cooling system and replenish…
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What do those little yellow caps indicate under your Subaru’s hood?


Simply put, your Subaru is designed to last – but only with regular maintenance, of course. There are a few inexpensive tasks you can do at home to prevent costly repairs down the line. Something as simple as checking the Subaru oil and fluids levels can save you from shelling out big bucks.


We recommend referring to the video below for some insight into all of those yellow caps under the hood:


Did you discover that your car’s oil needs to be changed? Is it low on brake fluid? Have you run out of Subaru coolant? Our certified Subaru service…

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Why the Subaru Legacy's on/off safety systems are spot-on


If anything, you know Subaru vehicles for their surefootedness. Standard all-wheel drive is hard to come by, especially in the affordable midsize sedan segment, and such a value-packed design tends to stick with shoppers. But there's more to a Subaru than just its drivetrain, as proven by the 2016 Subaru Legacy.


The latest Subaru models come generously equipped with high-tech infotainment, safety, and security features, and the options list is lengthy as well. The available Subaru EyeSight® suite of safety systems offers a ton of tech in form of adaptive cruise control, forward

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How to winterize your vehicle with Dan Perkins Subaru


Winter's wrath is almost upon us, which means it's time to winterize your Subaru and brace for Mother Nature's impact! While the all-wheel-drive Subaru lineup is engineered to be as surefooted as possible year-round, there are still several things you should do to ensure that your Legacy, Forester or Impreza survives another harsh Milford, CT winter.


Problematic batteries, engines or brakes will only worsen with a cold snap, so if you're been putting off repairs or haven't had that strange noise diagnosed yet, now is the time to take your vehicle to see the factory-trained…

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Customize and Accessorize at Dan Perkins Subaru

Throughout New England, drivers love having a vehicle that is as unique as they are. Whether crushing off-road terrain on the many trails of the region, or simply enjoying a cruise throughout Milford, CT, drivers appreciate standing out amongst a sea of similar vehicles. Subaru models provide a great way to capitalize on all of the offerings of the diverse region and with genuine Subaru parts and accessories, drivers are able to outfit the vehicle for their chosen lifestyles and adventures.

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Your Parts & Service Destination in Milford

With the cold winds of winter blowing consistently these days, getting out to service your car can be an unbearable task. Something about going out just seems less appealing during these cold winter months, but don't let your car suffer because of it, come and see us at Dan Perkins Subaru where we'll make sure you and your car are warm and comfortable while we service your vehicle.

Our team of experts is…

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