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  • Mr. Dan Perkins

    For us, customer service means making your car buying experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. You'll find a number of ways that we make customer service the basis of buying and owning a car from our dealership:

    • You'll find all the information you need to buy a car right here on our website.
    • Search through our extensive selection of  new and  pre-owned  vehicles.
    • Request a price quote on a new vehicle of your choice. Our friendly, professional staff will exceed your expectations for personal service.
    • Enjoy prompt, quality service from our Service Center. Make an appointment  or order parts   online.

  • Avrom Sevell
    General Manager

    Avrom hails from South Africa and has been in the Dan Perkins Subaru family for many years.  He is always available to discuss any of your needs.

  • Paul Dempsey
    Used Car Manager

    Paul has been with Dan for over 30 years.  He is well known for being an expert on the value of pre-owned vehicles of all kinds.

  • George Irizarry
    Finance Manager

  • Frank Figueroa
    Finance Manager

  • Sunan Sireger
    Finance Manager

  • Nick Aquilina
    Business Manager

    What can we say about Nick?  He is the man who does your paper work when you buy a vehicle.  He has different offerings and a keen sense of what is a good for your car in the long and short term.  He also has a great espresso machine in his office.

  • Gary Seidner
    Manager Marketing/eCommerce

    16 years in the automotive business and 30 years in the market and media research industry.  If you hear about it, this is where it comes from!

  • Marc Mesidor
    Service Director

    Marc has been with Dan for 19 years. He was born in Port-au- Prince, Haiti.  He came to the US at the age of 3. He attended Norwalk Community college and graduated from Porter and Chester majoring in automotive technology. He started as a technician then became a senior tech and was promoted to a Master Technician.  Marc's motto is to "Treat people the way you want to be treated".  He has led his service team to become number 1 in customer satisfaction in the region. All of that and he speaks three languages.

  • Anthony Aveni
    Parts Manager

    Anthony joined Dan Perkins Subaru in the year 2000 and has built the department into New England's top Subaru Parts provider. Last year the Department sold over 3 million dollars worth of parts the most in New England in 2012. He has assembled an impressive team of Parts experts that are the envy of other dealers. The Dan Perkins Subaru Parts Department has won Subaru's highest honor "Circle of Excellence" five times under his guidance, including a recent run of three straight awards in 2010,2011 & 2012. They've created and successfully built a simple yet effective internet Parts business that sells over a million dollars in parts a year to North America. The site started in 2004 has been a trailblazer for Subaru parts sales on-line and has over 23,000 entries all hand-added and maintained.

    Anthony is a native of Central New York, and has a four-year-degree (B.S. Cum laude )from SCSU in New Haven. His automotive experience stems from a back ground with Toyota and Lexus.


  • Hamid Farihanni
    Sales Consultant

  • Tom Montanaro

    Many of Tom's customers are former students of his.  He coached softball teams for many years as well as owning several businesses.  Tom's entrepreneurial spirit spills over to the entire sales group. (PS. Yes he is available for Christmas parties).

  • Christine Holmwood
    Customer Relations Specialist

    Christine is no stranger to the auto business.  Chris does our follow up and makes initial contact with our Internet inquiries.

  • Nancy Aquilla

  • Jeff Watkins
    Assistant Manager/Sales

    Jeff has a large following that he has built over the last 12 years at Dan Perkins Subaru. As a former accountant Jeff has a flair for developing the best numbers for his customers.

  • Bob Oshrin

    Bob spent most of his career in the mass merchandise business.  For the last 15 years he has been one of the highest rated sales people in the auto business. 

  • Matt Ballaro

    Matt has been with Dan for over 15 years. Matt has a great historical knowledge of the Subaru product going back many years.  He has a long list of loyal customers.

  • Kevin Puzzo
    Sales Associate

    Gotta like him!

  • Joe Bongiorini

  • Elmer Guerra

  • Regina Golden

    Regina's clients always have a pleasant experience dealing with her. She brings years of sales experience dealing with customers in the Milford area.

  • Gabe Demelo
    Delivery Coordinator and Soccer Pro

    Gabe spends just about all of his evenings protecting the goal net at soccer matches.  Most days he is limping around the showroom.  Customers enjoy dealing with Gabe for his upbeat personality and attention to detail.

  • Mike Capobianco
    Sales Consultant

    An experienced used car specialist and great guy to deal with.

  • Hector
    Lot Attendant

    Hector takes care of all of us as well as making sure our lot looks up to date and orderly.

  • Adrienne Roberts
    Service Advisor

    Adrienne always has fun with our guests. She is the last person you see after your Subaru has been through our service center.  She loves a good joke, so be sure to tell her one when you see her.

  • David Ortiz
    Service Advisor

    David has been with us for quite some time.  He always has a smile and will bend over backwards to help.  He speaks 5 languages and was a professional soccer player.
    Email him for an appointment.

  • John Correa
    Wholesale Parts Manager

    John came to Dan Perkins Subaru in 2001 and is major reason for the unprecedented success of the Department. He maintains a regular clientele of wholesale customers numbering well over 1000 businesses.  He previously Managed Helmut's Subaru in Bridgeport where he became legendary for his attention to detail and vast knowledge of vehicles and parts. John has a soft touch that every customer seems to notice and frequent compliments pour in to the dealership in praise of his calm and caring manner.


    He is a native of Waterbury is a college graduate.


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