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Zero Landfill

Did you know??

In 2004, Subaru of Indiana became the first manufacturing facility in the United States to reach zero-landfill status and all Subaru vehicles are built in zero-landfill plants, where 100% of manufacturing waste is either recycled or turned into electricity. This means that since May 2004, Subaru's manufacturing plants have not sent any waste to landfills.

Did you know??
In 2004, Subaru of Indiana became the first manufacturing facility in the United States to…</div></a></div></div></div></div></div>
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Some Safe Driving Tips from Dan Perkins Subaru

Many states in the U.S. have passed laws that ban the use of cell phones while driving. The reason is the number of deaths attributed to this seemingly harmless activity: 2,600 deaths nationwide every year, by some estimates [source: Live Science]
. In fact, those numbers may actually be too low, due to the continued rise in cell phone use behind the wheel. If you think that talking and texting while driving isn't…
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Getting Close to Winter! Here are some long winter road trip tips from the AAA

Tips for long-distance winter trips:

  • Watch weather reports prior to a long-distance drive or before driving in isolated areas. Delay trips when especially bad weather is expected. If you must leave, let others know your route, destination and estimated time of arrival.
  • Always make sure your vehicle is in peak operating condition by having it inspected by a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility.
  • Keep at least half a tank of gasoline in your vehicle at all times.
  • Pack a cellular telephone with your local AAA’s telephone number, plus blankets, gloves, hats, food, water and any needed medication in your…
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Fall Driving tips from AARP

Fall driving can be unpredictable because of weather changes and the end of daylight saving time. To be safe and aware on the roads this fall, follow these guidelines:

  1. Watch out for leaves: Once leaves become wet, they can present slippery and dangerous driving conditions. Be sure to watch for patches of wet leaves on the road or on road lines. Dry leaves can also present a problem to your vehicle. Avoid parking your vehicle near leaf piles to prevent fires that could start from your vehicle's catalytic converter.

  2. Stay alert on the road: The end of daylight saving…
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Teen Parent Driver Agreement

We feel it is important to empower our customers with important information.  What happens when your teen becomes sixteen and can learn to drive?  One good thing is to use the Teen driver/parent contract to set up the "rules" in advance.  Dan Perkins Subaru is providing a link to that document for your convenience.

               DMV Commissioner's Advisory Committee on Teen Safe Driving
Teen-Parent Driving Agreements are a proven way…
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