Schedule Subaru Servicing Online, From Home in Branford, CT

Summer is here and it's time to schedule season-appropriate servicing at Dan Perkins Subaru.

As a comprehensive Subaru dealership, we offer select service procedures that are Subaru-certified.

And our factory-trained technicians ensure your Subaru SUV, sedan or coupe has what it needs for a long summer of excitement past Wallingford, CT.

Scheduling Subaru Service Easily Done Online, On Any Device

When you desire on oil change in time for summer traveling, simply access our online service scheduler.

You may then select a date and time convenient for you and family. This courtesy extended our busied clients in need of servicing performed while waiting.

For other summer-appropriate servicing prior to road trips taken, browse below for details:

  • Tire rotations should be performed before each season. At the very least, rotations mitigate tread wear. They also provide an opportunity for our technicians to inspect tires for anything amiss.
  • Brake parts of rotors and pads require sufficient surfacing for optimal stopping power. And calipers may become corroded and locked in-place without monitoring.
  • Cabin, engine and air-conditioning filters should be inspected for wear and integrity, while replaced as necessary.
  • Systems of brakes, steering and wipers require full fluid levels for enhanced safety lent to your daily commute from Norwalk.
  • Headlamps and taillights often experience bulb issues or casing integrity problems. To stem traffic stops in Danbury, make sure our technicians inspect for proper light emitted and working bulbs.

The Subaru Multipoint Inspection

With every Subaru summer-service procedure comes the complimentary, multipoint inspection.

This all-encompassing, holistic exam seeks to identify hidden issues before becoming problems down the road to Milford, CT.

Dan Perkins Subaru - Offering Summer-Service Specials Near Norwalk, CT

Make your service appointment online or give us a call to get your Subaru readied for safe summer fun.