Subaru Timing Belt Service in Milford, CT

How the  Efficient Dan Perkins Subaru Team takes Care of all Timing Belt and Engine Repairs in No Time at All

No one likes to hear "timing belt replacement" from their service advisor. The timing belt isn't expensive; replace is simply a labor-intensive process that requires movement of many pieces in order to access this critical component of your Subaru's engine. As such, it's also a repair that needs to be completed by a certified professional mechanic, not a DIY-er. You can trust the team at Dan Perkins Subaru to give you a fair price and a quick turnaround on timing belt replacement for your Subaru. We'll also do a thorough inspection to insure the is no additional damage to other parts of the engine.

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The timing belt connects the engine's camshaft and crankshaft, ensuring they turn in sync with one another. It receives quite a beating from your car over time, and it's inevitable that you will need to replace your Subaru's timing belt at some point. It's recommended that the timing belt be replaced preemptively in order to prevent internal engine damage.

How to Know when your Subaru's Timing Belt Needs to be Replaced

Below are a few symptoms of timing belt damage:

  • Ticking or clattering from the engine
  • Engine won't turn over
  • Engine misfires
  • Oil leak

To avoid complete engine failure, consult our Subaru service center in Milford for details on your vehicle's recommended timing belt replacement interval. Our facility services drivers all over the Milford, Danbury, Branford, Norwalk, Wallingford and New Haven area, so we make it easy to schedule service from your electronic device. We know you make the commute to our dealership because you trust our professional, reliable service and long-lasting repairs, so we cater to your busy schedule. Feel free to reach out to our service advisors at 888-603-7951 to schedule an appointment over the phone or to learn more about timing belt service.

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