Dan Perkins was the FIRST Subaru dealer to offer a Lifetime Warranty!

Our new vehicles may be the same...BUT!
 Dan Perkins Subaru is the only dealer that gives you a Lifetime Power Train Warranty with your new and *select used Asian cars and Subarus of course! It's our way of making your experience Truly Exceptional!

Our Lifetime Warranty Covers, the Engine, Transmission, All Wheel Drive System and More....this is Truly Exceptional!
Our Warranty Covers *Pre-Owned Vehicle
Anywhere in the U.S.!
Theirs?  Just The Engine  :(

Only at Dan Perkins Subaru; for a lifetime.

"Peace of mind is part of the deal."
*Coverage for Asian vehicles 5 calendar years old or younger with less than 55,000 miles. Leased vehicles excluded from Lifetime Warranty.

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